Hear what Trayvon has gone through and how his life has changed now that he has gone through this program. Trayvon shares how he became a better thinker, and how to become a better problem solver in different situations. He shares how he enjoyed the content and how it was engaging to him. He is now able to express his feelings better and can process his emotions more effectively. He now feels more comfortable opening up with his classmates and sharing what is is going on in his life. 

How to Give



What Is The Reach Campaign?

A campaign to expand our impact to 36,000 new students weekly into our program within K12 schools. We partner to bring a life changing program taught by over 70 dynamic world class leaders who empower, educate and equip students with the required skills and mindsets necessary to live a life of purpose and meaning. After using the program, schools are transformed, teachers are equipped and students’ academic performance improves, behavior and attitudes toward school positively change and they develop the life skills to reach their goals and build healthy relationships.

What Are The Sponsorship Levels?

To reach 36,000 new students weekly we need to raise $20,000 in new monthly sponsorship and we broke it down to having 50 new sponsors for schools. Compassionate Touch will make these 50 school grants available and each sponsorship level will directly connect your giving to a school building grant sponsoring 100s and even 1,000s of students. The school students gain access to the life-changing program for 12 months and will be impacted weekly!

Our Goals


Join the reach campaign today and transform the lives of thousands of students with us!