Monthly Motivation

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September Monthly Motivation!


August Monthly Motivation!

August continues to bring new motivation and expansion for our vision. The challenge for this month is “what are you doing to invest in your purpose?” Everyday we have an opportunity to invest into ourselves and take one step forward to fulfill our dreams and passions in life. So many forget that every great journey starts with the first step! Tag us on social media or reply here and tell us what your doing or going to do this month to step towards your future!

July Monthly Motivation!

What an incredible month of transformation and change in schools across America. We are thankful that because of our partner’s students, teachers and leaders are being restored, empowered and given a purpose. Stay tuned for more and if you want to get involved send us a message!

June Monthly Motivation!

Better late than never! Here is your June monthly motivation on what has been happening and a quick update from Daniel on the expansion of our vision and impact happening with schools.
We are honored and excited for those of you that have continually partnered with our mission. Our reach campaign has officially launched and if you’d like to start impacting lives in public education with us click here.

May Monthly Motivation!

You are the solution to bringing hope and purpose to our world! We hope you are inspired this month and motivated to use your gift, your talent and resources to bring transformation to people around you!
If you want to sponsor a school please click here and soon we will be fully launching our REACH campaign to allow for 50 more schools to receive our life changing program.

April Monthly Motivation!

Things are ramping up! April was an amazing month of unbelievable opportunity and impact. Each month we will be sending updates through this “monthly motivation” to motivate you through the great work happening through Compassionate Touch as well as to inspire the purpose you have to make a difference. Thank you for your continued support and let’s continue to transform students lives together.

March Monthly Motivation!

What a month! It seems every month our dream of reaching a million students around the world is unfolding as a reality more and more. And March was no different. This month we established our programming into California and we made introductions to over 15 states that are interested in bringing in our programming for their students. Truly, we can’t keep up with the amount of potential partnerships igniting almost daily. This work is impossible alone. Impacting the lives of a million students is made possible with your time and support. Thank you!

February Monthly Motivation!

Thankful for each and every one of you that have sown seeds to expand our vision to impact students through education. This year we were believing to expand into all 50 states and already in February we have expanded into multiple states. In the next four months we expect to expand into 10 states and begin to impact thounsands of more students. This is all possible because of those who have given to our mission.

January Monthly Motivation!

We are excited to partner alongside you to bring change and transformation to students lives all around the world. We are just getting started in the expansion and growth of students being ignited by purpose in their lives.
Thank you for partnering with us and believing in this vision.