Why Purpose?

We believe that purpose is the problem. At the center of every issue, problem and pain is the lack of awareness of its purpose. Not every student has a problem, but every student has a purpose.

How does the Purpose process work?

The Outcome: A students life was given the opportunity to make their life count. They were given the tools to succeed in life. They were taught how to become their greatest version because you said “YES” to wanting to champion someone’s Purpose.

Download a more detailed overview of the 6 steps of Purpose below.

The 6 Steps Of Purpose

Purpose isn’t filled with answers, it’s filled with questions.

Answers stop discovery; “teachy” material is boring because it limits the hearer’s ability to become a seeker of a better way in life. We have seen students become honest with themselves for the first time. With their futures exposed, they begin to dream again.

The 12 Tenants Of Purpose

Purpose content is built of multiple layers of content creation to cover the most important aspects of human life. To create sustainable healthy success we put together 12 tenants that are the overarching conversations within our program, we call them the 12 tenants of Purpose.

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